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AJAX Capabilities

OpusPhp is packed full of features starting with AJAX , it can retrieve data from the server asynchronously in the background without Interfering with the display and behavior of the existing page. A Custom PHP Class in Cheetah allows backend control over the ajax functionality with the PHP language.

Video Plugin

Members can upload videos to their account using the following file types: .wmv, .avi, .mpg, .mpeg, .mov, .mp4, 3gp, .flv, and more

Music Plugin

Members can upload and add music to their accounts and profiles using this Music plugin. The file types allowed are: .wma .wav .mp3 .ogg and more

Image Gallery Plugin

Members can upload any picture or image file of types: .jpg, .gif, or .png. to their member account and gallery.

Blog Plugin

Your members can create, edit, & customize their own blogs with a click of a button.

Forum Plugin

The forum plugin allows your members to create, edit, and customize their own forum entries with a click of a button. User friendly and Optimized for peak performance.

Built-in Email packed with features

Users have the ability to send emails to other members inside their account section. This full featured emailing system has, compose, inbox, sentbox, and trash.

Member Chat

This feature allows your members to chat with one another and meet new people on your site. It's a great way for members to communicate between each other.

Multi-language Capabilities

All of the text on your social network can be translated using the Google translation system into over 10+ languages.

Multimedia Tags

Users can add tags to their writings to make them more search friendly and also help people search for their items easier.

Instant Messenger

Members can send messages to one another when they are online in a private chat session between two individuals.

Shoutout- connect with friends

All members can send a shout out to all their friends whether they are online or not.

Social Bookmarking

Now your members can bookmark all of their favorite things on your OpusPhp site.

Member Accounts

Members have their own account pages where they can edit and create, blogs, pictures, upload music, write in the forums and much more.

Member Profiles

Members can create their own profiles and member page. They can customize their pages anyway they like.

Robust Administration Control Panel

Control your sites content as an administrator with ease. With tons of features to choose from, you will be in control with Opus Php's user friendly Administration panel.

Optimized Source code

PHPs natural output buffer with G-zip compression adds optimization to any site especially a dynamic one like the Opus Php Application.

Full SEO capabilities

Opus Php comes with Search engine optimization already built in. In fact it's so optimized Google found our demo site in less 10 hours on its own!

Mulit-language Translation

Opus comes with more then 7 languages built in and has the capabilities for you to add as many as you need. Languages will also change on the fly (provided by Google™) so English blogs become Chinese and vise versa! All of the language packs are also extendable so you can add or remove as you see fit.

Filter blogs by category

OpusPhp has the capability to search through blogs using keywords and search terms on multi-levels to make your search much easier and user friendly.

Supports multiple music files formats

OpusPhp supports music files .wma .wav .mp3 .ogg .vqf.

Site/Member statistics

OpusPhp admin panel offers up to date site statistics for you to view anytime.

Membership Subscription plugin available

Membership plugin gives you the option to charge your members for a membership to your site.

Advanced zip code search

Members can search for other members using the zip code of their choice.

Full Site search

You can search through the whole site using any keyword or term you choose.

Optimized audio/video streaming control

OpusPhp allows for FFmpeg trans-coding and compression of audio and video files.

Full Support

We provide support to all valid clients through our support ticket system found in the client area for the lifetime of an OpusPhp license.

Debug console

The debug console reports possible errors and details about processes or actions happening on the current page.

Profile views statistics

Members can see who has viewed thier profile last.

Member Activity Points system

You and your members can keep track of their activity using the member point system.

Full Featured 24/7 Advertisement Statistics

OpusPhp offers advertisement impression counting, for an on the spot look at how your current ads are doing.

Keep track of all current site sessions

All current site sessions are stored in the administration panel for you to view at anytime. They can be set to refresh daily or however long you set the session time to.

Content Approval

The administrator has the abilities to approve videos, music, and more.

Profile Privacy

Users can keep their information completely private from other users by using the privacy features on Opus PHP.

Personal User Photos

Users can upload their own pictures to their account. They also have the options to make their pictures private or just viewable by friends.

Signup by user invitation

Members can send out invite emails to their friends who aren't currently using your website to help bring in new members.

Search engine friendly URLs

OpusPhp has full SEO capabilities with search engine friendly url's

Email address verification

When a member signs up they will receive an email from your site so they can verify their email address before proceeding to their membership on the site.

Easy user management

OpusPhp is very user friendly and has easy user management integrated into every feature on the site.

IP Ban Feature

Ban members or spammers with ease. Located inside the user friendly administration panel, you can block an user by entering in their ip address.

Create Multiple Chatrooms

Administration has the abilities to create one chatroom or multiple.

Report a site-bug section for Members

Members can help keep the site running smoothly by reporting any bugs they see using the "Report a Bug" link located at the bottom of the site.

Full php information section

So you can easily view the PHP info on your site from the administration panel.

MySql Status

You can view all tables in your database for the OpusPhp application at anytime. You can also optimize any excessive items currently running in your database.

Full configuration of Meta Tags

The meta tags are completly dynamic but you can also fine tune anything you prefer by choice.

Full URL Configuration

You are able to set configurations for the majority of url's on your site. You can change music, forums, videos, and blogs to different locations just by changing the name of the url in the admin panel. No need to move the folders or any technical stuff like that.

Block members

Members can block all correspondence from other members on the site with ease.

Hosted on your server

Once you purchase Opus, you have full control over every aspect of your new site.

No "Powered by" branding (paid version)

After you purchase Opus PHP, you won't have to worry about any "Powered By" branding located on the site. You also don't have to pay any additional branding removal fee's to remove it.

Blog entry categories

Users have a wide variety of categories to put their custom blogs into. You can also add as many categories as you want.

Blog entry privacy

Users have the option to show their blogs or set them to friends only. They can also keep their blogs completely private and not show anyone.

Picture privacy

The Members account area comes with a feature that allows members to set their pictures to private anytime they want.

Browse Videos

Members can use the advanced search system in the videos module which helps members find what they are looking quick and hassle free.

Special Admin panel Tab on every page

We have an Admin tab conveniently on the right side of every page just for the administration to have easy access to the admin panel & edit in place content at anytime!

Navigation menu builder

Simple to use administration panel allows for changing of the navigation menu with ease.

Create Multiple Admin accounts

If you need help approving content or keeping the site fresh you can make multiple admin accounts to let other users help you with certain things on the site.

Approve/Disapprove music, videos, & images

You can control all of the content on your site. OpusPhp has a content control system that allows you to the option to either let all content be uploaded to your site with no approval or you can approve/disapprove the content on your site for custom content control.

Edit CMS Files In-Place

You can edit blurbs/files viewed on your site, on the fly! This means if you put a blurb/file on a page on your website you can edit this blurb in-place at anytime with OpusPhp CMS.