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Welcome to OpusPhp, a Social CMS application!

We provide top notch turn key applications. But don't take our word for it, look for yourself:

Ease of Use

Made with you in mind Opus php doesn't take any short cuts which allows even the most novice of users the ability to create the sites of thier dreams!

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Top Notch Presentation

Opus php is built from the ground up and seemlessly allows you to control your entire site on the fly combining - simple beauty, design and functionality.

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24/7 World class support

With world class 24/7 Support you can relax and leave the tough stuff to us. Between forums, phones and instant message you'll never be short handed again!

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OpusPhp helped make my dream a reality! You guys really came through when I started to think no one could make my idea happen. Thank's Again!
Sara W. Park City,Kansas


Creative design

Design and Structure can now be yours with easy to manage css and images for the entire site, even change themes with a click.


OpusPhp comes packed with features that allow you to see real time statistics on your website and members.

But it doesn't stop there you can track clicks, RIO, advertisements and tons more to help your site be successful in the marketplace.


Stop worrying about monitizing, you can drop adds directly into the network on the fly from our custom admin panel.

You can even track your ads success by using the same admin panel to check on the impressions an advertisement has.



Use the plugin market to gain new functionality and features with just a couple clicks, from download to installation!

Mobile phone ready

OpusPhp is a Social CMS platform ready for mobile phones from day one, supporting almost every feature a full computer can offer.

With mobile components the possibilities are endless when it comes to the success of your social network or website.

Everything for your needs!

With solid extendable cores functionality has never been so simple.

Developers and even beginners have the tools they need at their fingertips to make mods in just mins, helping you blow the compitition away at will!