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Depending on your interests and what matters more to you and your project there are a few type's of demo's available, Each provide a different view on how and what OpusPhp CMS Applications can do. We suggest you take a look at all three of the links below before making your purchase, also remember what you see on our demo's is what you get; any additional plugin's are not shown on the demo's because everything you see on them is included in OpusPhp Cheetah!

Cheetah Social CMS Demo

The user demo provides a front end view on how members will see your site. If you use the social cms version of opusphp. The social version comes built in with blogs, music, videos and tons more social features all the sites you've grown to love have. Opusphp Social Cms is a great start for those people wanting all the benefits of a social network but the freedom of your own CMS website. Adding new plugins or pages is a breeze and can be done directly from the admin panel (seen below).

Cheetah CMS Demo

This demo provides a front end view on how people will see your site. If you use the cms version of opusphp. The cms version is straight forward, and comes with the essentials needed to have a productful website. Including all the abilities Opusphp Apps come with , you can plugin product panels , click tracking and so many more plugins with just an upload and click install. Opus cms is a great start for anyone looking to build a new website and get it branding in minutes while seemlesly allowing you to control the idiosyncrasies of your website.

Cheetah Admin Demo

The admin demo provides a back end view on the different administration aspects you have control over in your site. The Opusphp admin panel is an item that comes with all of our Applications and stacks. It's our way of making everyone's life a lilttle bit easier, giving you control over accounts, web pages, access to certain areas of your website, and tons more. In short the admin panel comes with all of the above versions of Opus Php. Depending on the features and or plugins you have in your version/ app will change how the admin panel looks, but either way your admin panel will look and work like this demo.