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General Support

Opus forms a great backbone to build any flourishing website, although at times you may find you may want to add features/plugins to your community depending on culture and preferences. Opus was always designed with this in mind - a secure, yet expandable core accommodates modifications and plugins without interfering with important core parts of the application. Our goal is to help webmasters build successful fully functional websites. The Opus PHP CMS is fully documented and designed so that novices can get their new site up and running quickly and easily as possible. If you find yourself in trouble you can always submit a [ Trouble Ticket ]. If you need help installing any of OpusPhp's Apps.
[ Professional installation ] is also available for those who need it.

Purchasing an Opus license grants you access to the client area where the forum holds the accumulated troubleshooting and modification knowledge of the Opus world. Polite and considerate use can result in quick and helpful responses, as the forum is populated with professional and amateur Opus developers as well as Opus employees.

If you're interested in creating a custom site with additional features and functionality for your community,
please consider using our [ Custom Development ] partners. Our partners also provide custom, high-end services for sites needing more applications, plugins and functionality. Don't make your community wait for the features they crave; have them created quickly by our skilled programming partners.

If you are a current client we also provide support to through our [ Trouble Ticket ] system for the lifetime of an OpusPhp license. The Reporting of "bugs" is also done through the trouble ticket system, this area is also available to all clients to find quick fixes or trouble shoot problems should one arise. In Any case there are ample places to update, upgrade, tweak and tune your Opus Php application so there's never a need to worry when it comes to Opus Php.

FFMPEG Video & Music Support

Can be handled by the Source!

We're glad to offer you an introduction to the writer of FFmpeg-Php, Todd Kirby, from us here at OpusPhp.
Mr. Kirby will give you 30% off of the normal installation charge of 75 dollars via Paypal just for being a client of OpusPhp.
This includes the installation of ffmpeg with supporting libs (libmp3lame, libfaad2, libfaac), ffmpeg-php, flvtool2.
He will also set up a test script so you can confirm ffmpeg-php working correctly with php/apache via your web browser.
You must already have apache and php installed. Linux only please, He's not a Windows guy.

If ffmpeg-php can't be installed for any reason, He will refund your payment.

To get started He will need these things from you:

  • 53$ deposited to his Paypal account [ ffmpeg.php[at] ]

  • Your OpusPhp License Number.

  • An ssh login to your Linux server.
    NOTE: No java terminal servers or remote desktop software.
    He also needs the actual ssh login to use with his own terminal program.
    As well as root access so he can update any software relative.

NOTE: The installation of ffmpeg can be done without root access but the charge is 150$ since it's quite a bit more work to get installed and working seemlessly. A place to put files on your machine where they can be viewed from the web (for testing). Please provide filesystem path and web path. He will contact you when he is going to do any work on your server and clarify any details if needed by email.