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OpusPhp Wysiwyg Editor

A lightweight cross browser simple to use auto updating Wysiwyg Rich text editor.

Its free to use under the copyright laws/restrictions OpusPhp has put in place. Just keep the source code copyrights as well as any intellectual property as is and your are free to use it as you wish. When possible send a link back or give a donation to opusphp. On Commercial use, we ask for you to give us notification of how/where you use the product.

Showing your appreciation is always welcome.


To use OpusPhp Wysiwyg Editor you only need to do a few things:

  1. Upload and set the configuration inside the opusphp_wysiwyg/opusphp.wysiwyg.js file (below the source code) or you can set each elements config on the fly (as shown in the example)

    opusphp.wysiwyg.configs.site_url = '';
    opusphp.wysiwyg.configs.base_loc = 'js/opusphp_wysiwyg/';
    opusphp.wysiwyg.configs.style_sheet = 'css/default/wysi.css';
    opusphp.wysiwyg.configs.width = 400;
    opusphp.wysiwyg.configs.height = 300;
    opusphp.wysiwyg.configs.toolbar_loc = 'bottom';
    opusphp.wysiwyg.configs.fonts = ['Arial','Arial Black','Veranda','Trebuchet','Tahoma','Impact','Georgia','Times','Courier','Cosmic Sans','Helvetica'];

  2. ADD:

    <script src="opusphp_wysiwyg/opusphp_wysiwyg.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="opusphp_wysiwyg/style/opusphp_wysiwyg.css" />

    between the <head></head> tags of your site.

  3. ADD:

    class name "opus_wysiwyg" to any element on the page. ( class="opus_wysiwyg" )

  4. Lastly after the element you have added the "opus_wysiwyg" class name to.


    <script type="text/javascript">'my_id');</script>

    the 'my_id' inside'my_id'); must be the "id" attribute of the element you are changing.

OpusPhp Wysiwyg Editor will then create a new instance of the RTE (Rich text editor) and it will automatically update the old element,
so you can freely use the OpusPhp Wysiwyg Editor at will.

OpusPhp Wysiwyg Editor

Run a Test/Example of the OpusPhp Wysiwyg Editor